May 22, 2024

Parents and guardians leave children at day school because they believe their children are safe. What if your child comes home with a serious injury? What are your legal options? The short answer is it depends on circumstances. Here are three options to consider:


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Personal Injury Claim: This claim seeks compensation for physical and emotional harm caused by the school’s negligence or intentional actions. A good example is if your child was harmed by another student who intentionally hit them during sports while the teacher was present.

2. Negligence Claim: You can file this claim if the school’s staff don’t meet the expected standard of care, which results in your child being harmed. For example, if the teacher leaves your child in a museum, they experience anxiety and distress.

3. Premises Liability: If your child was harmed in day school because of unsafe or hazardous conditions, you can file this. For example, if your child was injured by scrap metal in a poorly maintained playground.

If you believe you have a legal claim, you should promptly act because it’s easier to gather evidence. Ensure to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer. They can help gather evidence and guide you in the legal process.

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